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About us

We started One Wine because we want to drink better, more interesting wines, and we figured that others might be up for it too. It's really kind of selfish. We want to drink the sort of wine you can plan a dinner around and learn everything there is to know about it. Who made it? Where is it from? What does the soil look like? What food pairing is actually going to make it better? Can I just drink it on the porch instead? Essentially, we want to go all in on a wine, and then, in the wise words of Ariana Grande, say, 'Thank u, next.'

How it works

We take on a set number of new members every month. Once that number has been reached, prospective members are placed on a waitlist for the following month. Capping membership like this allows us to plan and purchase enough stock of whatever wine we happen to have our eye on. We spend months – even longer sometimes – securing these wines, so our priority is ensuring that our existing members are taken care of, and the winemakers we work with are fairly compensated.


Premium, high-quality wines sourced by the One Wine team.

No lock-in contracts

Honestly, we can't imagine you wanting to end your One Wine membership. But if you do? We promise we won't take it personally or hit you with the small print.

Free shipping

And no hidden costs. Just a great bottle of wine, delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging.