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2018 Kreglinger Brut Rosé

Happy New Year

And welcome to 2024! We hope the festive season treated you well and that you have something to toast to this month. We've chosen our first sparkling wine in over 12 months: January ‘24 is the ‘18 Kreglinger Brut Rosé from Pipers Brook Vineyard in Northern Tasmania.

Pipers Brook Vineyard

Pipers Brook Vineyard, established in 1974 in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania, is a pioneering vineyard in the Tasmanian wine industry. Owned by the Launceston-based de Moor family, it combines European heritage with a deep Tasmanian story. The vineyard, located in Pipers River, was chosen for its terroir similar to premium French wine regions, featuring rich volcanic soils, unique geography, a temperate climate, and proximity to the Bass Strait. Pipers Brook Vineyard produces estate-grown wines, including Pipers Brook Estate, Kreglinger Sparkling, Ninth Island, and Pipers Tasmania, reflecting the purity of Tasmania and honouring the region's history. The focus is on showcasing terroir, regionality, pioneering vineyard sites, and impressive vine age in their wines.

Tamar Valley vs Pipers River Valley

The Tamar Valley and Pipers River Valleys are commonly grouped together, with many producers drawing from both regions. The Tamar Valley stands out as Tasmania's largest and most productive wine-growing area, encompassing nearly 40% of the vine-covered land in the region. In contrast, Pipers River, though smaller, boasts a higher number of producers and is now more closely associated with sparkling wine production than the Tamar. Utilising grapes from both areas is a strategic approach to minimise risks in the challenging climate. Pipers River, with its narrower width and elevated vineyards reaching up to 270 meters, faces increased threats from frost, potentially damaging the fruit. Additionally, the region is more susceptible to harm from autumn rains, given its later harvest timeline compared to the Tamar.

Both valleys contend with significant disease pressure from moisture, prompting the selection of north- and east-facing slopes for vineyards as a crucial step in managing both frost and diseases. However, in the realm of cool climate wine production, the principle holds true: higher risk corresponds to higher reward.

Generally, the Tamar enjoys warmer temperatures, leading to an earlier picking date. While the Tamar excels in crafting pure still wines, Pipers River remains steadfastly focused on producing sparkling wines. Prominent producers such as Jansz, Pipers Brook, Bay of Fires, Arras, and Ninth Island prominently contribute to the Pipers River identity, sourcing grapes for both sparkling and still wines from the Tamar and sometimes beyond. Moorilla's St Matthias vineyard, situated in the Tamar, supplies grapes for their still and sparkling wines. Meanwhile, producers like Stoney Rise, Sinapius, and Two Tonne highlight the promising
future of still wines in both the Tamar Valley and Pipers River.

The Kreglinger Sparkling Rosé is a meticulously crafted wine made from single-site Pinot Noir in the renowned Pipers Brook region. The tasting experience is characterised by layers of elegant and complex flavours, featuring fresh strawberries, subtle hints of rose petal, and Turkish delight. The wine showcases a creamy texture and fine natural acidity, demonstrating purity and finesse. The grapes are sourced from a carefully selected single vineyard with high-density Pinot Noir vines, specifically cultivated for sparkling wine production. The Pipers Brook district's Ferrosol (volcanic) soils contribute to the wine's quality, offering excellent water holding capacity without the need for irrigation. The vines are managed with precision, using Vertical Shoot Positioned (VSP) trellises and narrow row-spacings.

The winemaking process involves hand-harvesting the exceptional Pinot Noir grapes, followed by gentle whole bunch pressing. The finest juice undergoes 100% barrel fermentation in aged French oak, maturing for 9 months with malolactic fermentation to achieve a distinctive texture and creaminess. After careful barrel selection, the final blend is created, and the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, ageing on lees for 4 years to deliver a wine of beauty and complexity. Overall, this sparkling Rosé exemplifies the excellence of the Pipers Brook region and its acclaim on the global stage.

"Barrel fermented and aged on lees for four years. Cherry, pastries, a little blonde tobacco/earthiness and spice. It’s fine and pleasingly dry, but with plenty of red berry and blood orange, savoury complexity, wonderful texture here – a chalky grip and bright acidity – delicate bubbles, a slight creaminess, and a tight finish of excellent length. Complex, but not at the expense of charm and drinkability. Excellent. As an afterthought, the rose gold colour of it is visually appealing too."

95 Points
Gary Walsh | The Wine Font

"A 100% pinot noir rosé from the Pipers River region in Tasmania; 46 months on tirage and disgorged 12 October, 2022. Lightly blushed pale straw hue with a fine, energetic bead and mousse. Enchanting red cherry and red apple fruits as soon as the glass reaches the nose along with hints of wild strawberry, berry cream, apple turnover, crushed stone and white flowers. Clean and precise with a crystalline acid pulse that shoots the wine across the tongue, finishing long and true. Great drinking!"

95 Points
David Brookes | Halliday Wine Companion

Natalie Fryer

Growing up in wine country, Natalie Fryar completed school work experience with Hardy’s winery at age 14, and at 16 she did her very first vintage. Natalie has enjoyed a stellar career that has taken her all over the world from Great Western to Champagne and Tasmania. Known in the industry as “Australia’s Sparkling Queen”, Natalie was for over 14 years the winemaker at Jansz Tasmania, helping to establish it as a leading Australian sparkling wine specialist. Today she has her own sparkling wine brand: Bellebonne, which is only one of two wineries in Australia to be awarded 7 stars by internationally renowned wine judge Tyson Stelzer. She also owns a gin company: Abel Gin, and consults to numerous wineries, including Pipers Brook Vineyard where since 2016 she has headed up the sparkling program to exceptional effect.


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